श्रम सेवा पोर्टल

श्रम विभाग, मध्यप्रदेश शासन: श्रम आयुक्त संगठन


  1. To promote harmonious relations between employees and employers.
  2. To ensure speedy implementation of labour laws for improving industrial relations, with regard to units in which the State Government is the appropriate Government.
  3. To regulate working conditions and safety in factories and hazardous industrial processes.
  4. To run social security schemes for organized and unorganized sectors.
  5. To ensure welfare measures for the workers
  6. To conduct Vocational Training for workers and their families.
  7. To maintain data on wages, allowances and other related matters.
  8. To sensitize all sections of workers for their active participation in social and economic development of the State.
  9. To collect, compile and disseminate statistics on various labour subjects.
  10. To undertake training, education, research and advisory service in the field of labour and industrial relations.
  11. To assist in rehabilitation of released bonded labour and child labour.
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